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Signatures salvaged

Posted by Vizune on 2014-10-31 09:21:44 CDT

Hi guys! Just a quick update to say I'm gradually working on transferring subimssions to the server. So far I have saved all the signatures (some had to be deleted because the download links were broken) and they are uploaded to my server.

That means that it will be quicker to add signature posts and less risk of signatures being unavailable. I have sorted out all the current signature posts and from now on you can upload. Here's the tutorial: http://harmonia.vizune.com/tutorials.php?submit-signatures

Next I will probably be working on the avatars, here goes!

Avatars completed: Aihara Chan, Cali, Martin, Mimi, Mochi, Pim, Ryumii a.k.a Brandi, Thuy (Sorry Linzz, all your avatars had to be deleted because they were all broken :x)

Avatars to do: Ethiwen, Ka Moon DNA (only over 600 avatars... haha!) and mine.

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