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Release 0.95

Posted by Vizune on 2013-07-05 07:02:15 CDT

Hi everyone! I hope people are well smile.gif There was some delay to this update because my PC has been a pain, desperately needs an upgrade so I've been sneakily updating the website at work. I will be away on holiday all next week. I will still have wi-fi on my mobile phone to reply to any emails but I won't be able to make any fixes. However, I have a surprise shortly after I get back blink1.gif

Here is a summary of the updates since release 0.9 (12th June):

  • Revamped submission tutorials for members (see Tutorials page)
  • New page: Tutorials
  • Badges introduced. Your contribution to Harmonia will be rewarded. You can redeem your badges to get prizes. Members can see their badges on the About page. Please answer the poll on what prizes you would like.
  • 3 new members: Mochi, Mimi and Max
  • 1 new tutorial by Sasha (will add more after my holiday)
  • 2 Web layouts by Aihara.chan and Mochi
  • 7 signatures by Cali, Ethiwen, Mimi and Sasha
  • 149 avatars by Aihara.chan, Ethiwen, Ka Moon DNA, Mimi, Mochi and Ryumii
  • Using site buttons for member's websites on the About page
  • Fixed avatar posts for members with longer usernames
  • I have found a trick to link to users' website URLs instead of emails on the posts they make and have updated everyone's account info. If you would like it to be reverted back, just paste your email back in the field.

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