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Hi There!

Posted by Mimi on 2013-07-16 22:11:28 CDT

So, this is something of a long overdue introduction post. Hi there, I'm Mimi! I used to be the owner of a website called "Musical Days" around 2-3 years ago which was the typical anime graphic site. I felt overwhelmed by website maintenance so I decided to shut it down. After lurking around Vizune, I saw that Sasha had decided to head this wonderful website of Harmonia where all I'd have to do is make graphics to my heart's content and decided to join. I mainly make signatures with a few avatars on the side. If you ask, I'd probably be more than willing to make a signature/forum set for you!

Currently I don't have any sort of website you can contact me at, so your best bet would be my email or just leave a message for me on Harmonia's tagboard! I check both relatively often! 


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And lastly, I want to take this chance to bring your attention to Starlit Night's Current Contest. The current round is to make a signature/banner inspired by Shakespeare. I think it's worth your time to go and enter because of its refreshing prompt, and because it'd be nice to see other entries in the contest other than my own!

shakespeare contest banner

That's all for now, and I'm looking forward to meeting more of you! smile.gif

(p.s. Sasha, if plugging this contest isn't allowed, I'd be more than willing to edit this post)

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