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Long time no see!

Posted by Vizune on 2013-11-02 19:58:35 CDT

Hi everyone! I'd like to apologise because I feel like I have neglected Harmonia whilst working on Vizune.com, I'm still trying figure out how to balance the work between multiple websites (luckily, I only have two).

Thank you for voting on the polls, I have added two new categories that people wanted to see which were Facebook Covers and Website Headers. The posts are in the same format as Forum Signatures, if you've never posted signatures then click here for the tutorial.

The website design for Harmonia has also changed, I prefer wider website layouts especially when there's loads of content here (You guys rock!).

Please welcome our newest members: Kitty from Avatar Info, Pim from Mystic Dreams and My from Sugar Graphics.

My next plans are to sort out Harmonia's mascot and making the Submit Centre more pretty bigsmile.gif 

Take care everyone!


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