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Harmonia Release 0.1

Posted by Vizune on 2013-05-08 09:04:13 CDT

Yes, I have rushed to publish Harmonia which is why I am making gradually progress starting with "Release 0.1". The website design for Harmonia is still in the works but I wanted the site to go live now. For now, if people are interested in joining Harmonia then send me an email, please see the contact page for more details.

Once I start get contributor applications, I will make the accounts, make tutorials to submit work and send everyone their details. I hope people will actually want to join... heheh

Release 0.1

  • Installation and integration of Fusion News
  • Sub-domain on Vizune.com
  • Started with avatars, published 59 avatars created by me
  • Small little introduction on About Page
  • Harmonia has her very own tagboard which is on the Contact page
  • Links page (currently with just my credits)
  • Tutorial for members on how to submit avatars (sorry, only staff members have access to this)

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