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We're not dead >bigsmile.gif

Posted by Vizune on 2015-05-07 10:17:22 CDT

Hi everyone who still visits and thank you for still contributing to Harmonia! As I mentioned I am still in the process of "salvaging" all the content which means I'm saving everyone's work on my server to ensure there will be no broken links which I discovered when cleaning up the site. So far the signatures section is done and I have three more people's avatars to sort out: Ethiwen (a.k.a Karen from Mesmerised), Ka Moon DNA and mine. I will be updating this post of the progress I make with this.

It's been a while since I contributed to the content but I have today! I have submitted 4 Web layouts, 9 Headers, 1 signature, 1 wallpaper and 37 avatars.

Also a message to existing members, if you decide to remove yourself from a category, e.g. you know longer want your headers on the site and delete all your posts. Please email me at sasha@vizune.com to tell me, I'm totally cool with it but don't want empty pages found on the site and will need to remove your category from the CMS. Wordpress would make my life easier but some people may not be familiar with it.

I will be working on a new website layout after I sort out other...website things.

Take care!

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